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All CASS training takes place in its Dubai training centre, which has been approved to offer NSI (Basic Security Guard, Annual Basic Renewal, Special Events and Cash in Transit), DPS (Basic Security Guard and Cash in Transit) and Civil Defence (Fire Safety and First Aid) training under one roof.

CASS is also proud to offer bespoke training customised to your specific needs. Please contact us using the form below and our team will reach out to you as quickly as possible.

Need a government application form? Download them here or under the relevant class description.

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Fire Safety Training

KHDA-approved and in accordance with Ministerial Federal Law No. 213/2017

Duration: 4 hours

Trainer: Bilingual

Intended Audience: As per Ministry of Interior’s Federal Law # 213, this course is mandatory for all security companies. Fire Safety Training in line with DCD‐Level 1, Short term course to understand Basic Fire Elements (its cause, prevention and protection). This course is taught as a combination of structured training sessions, including classroom teaching, practical exercises and assessments, which are audited regularly to maintain high teaching standards.

Key Modules:

  • Why Fire Safety and Prevention

  • The Principles of Combustion and Fire Procedures

  • Types of Fire Extinguishers and its usage

  • The role of a fire warden in a team

  • Reducing the risk of fire safety procedure

Course Objectives:

  • To enable participant to use extinguishers.

  • To familiarise participants with the latest techniques related to health and safety and  building protection strategies.

  • To familiarise participants with how to deal with incidents at early stages.

Security Guard Training

Meets SIRA requirements and is KHDA-approved

Download Fitness Form
Download Security Guard Application Form

Duration: 40 hours

Trainer: Bilingual 

CASS offers the following as part of the mandatory training, physical test and online examination for security guards before being licensed by SIRA and deployed for any security related duties:

  • Flexible timings, two batches per week

  • Renewals training coaching done at our training center

  • Credit facilities are extended (subject to terms and conditions)

  • Refreshment and prayer breaks daily

  • CASS offers the only training center in Dubai with 5 days training from Saturday to Wednesday, with Thursday being the examination day

  • Mock test and course revision for final day examination

  • Free transportation on all 6 days

Our multi lingual experts will teach this course in English or Arabic as per SIRA requirements and will  develop your team's inherent knowledge of their roles and responsibilities. Each course totals 40 hours (8 hours per day for 5 days) and we provide a handbook, summary sheet and mock test for each participant.


First Aid Training

Approved by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) and KHDA

Duration: 6 hours

Trainer: Bilingual 

This programme will enable participants to act as an initial First Aid Carer in the event of a personal injury. Following the successful completion of this course, participants will have the relevant skills and knowledge to be able to help save life, prevent a condition from worsening and promote recovery, while awaiting the qualified medical teams. This course is taught using a combination of classroom discussion, practical exercises and written assessment as per the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services curricula.

Key Course Modules:

  • Primary and secondary assessments of the casualty aims of First Aid and calling for help

  •  Types and management of wounds and bleeding

  • Classification and management of fractures

  • Types of soft tissue injuries (sprain, strain) and their management

  • Types of burns and their management

  • Classification and management of diabetes (Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia)

  • Management of dog, snake and scorpion bites

  • Recognition and management of heart attacks

  • Choking management


Course Objectives:

  • How to respond to an emergency

  • To know the aims of applying first aid to a casualty

  • How to identify and manage the major signs of a heart attack

  • How to recognize a medical emergency and act accordingly

  • How to perform back-blow & chest-thrust techniques to a choking casualty

  • How to recognize and perform CPR to a casualty who is not breathing 

  • How to stop bleeding by applying proper bandaging

  • How to immobilize a broken bone by applying a sling

Download Basic Life Support Training Form
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